Monday, April 25, 2011

This blog title isn't right

I need to come up with something else.. and when it's right I will know it and it will stick.
You know when something isn't right.

Monday, March 28, 2011

And we're off...

Well the kids are here now (as of 5pm) and NK is acting different as usual. He's pretty mean to me when they're here. I'm not sure why, he just is. He's very... short, I guess you would call it. Does he realize that if he behaves this way every time the kids are around I'll resent the week they're here? Why would he want to do that? He barely talks to me when they're here and spends 24/7 with them.... that's not a horrible thing, as he SHOULD spend time with them... of course... but completely ignore me?  It seems he's looking to get into an argument (which I've successfully avoided) due to the fact I know him and what he's up to.  This is stupid, but if I have something on the ironing board (in the master bedroom), clothes, whatever, he'll put it on the floor when he needs to iron (and leaves it there).  I've never done that to his things. Tonight he had a pair of shorts on the ironing board.. I had to iron something so I put his shorts on the floor. (and left it there this time.. ha) ... he came in and picked them up and said "were these bothering you?"  I said "no, I did need to iron something so I put them on the you do to my things all the time .."  he shook his head and said something somewhat nasty.

Anyway, so the kids are off this week for spring break.  Woo Hoo.. should be A LOT of fun around here with NK and the kids off the entire week. I worked Sunday and today to get a couple days in because we had been planning to do something. I figured we'd leave Tuesday'ish... I don't want to uneccessarily use any PTO that I have. Finally after going back and forth with so many different things, we decided to use a friend's house in the Keys. It's a little key (island) called Summerland, which is about 20 minutes from Key West. It's a good thing too, because it's supposed to rain here all week and it's barely going to rain there.... like 20% chance.  Here it's like 80%.

Six hours in the car....   s.i.x. long hours. Please, I pray,... let this be fun... for once.  I invited my daughter along but she didn't want to go. She did at first and then changed her mind after texting crazily for 20 minutes, no doubt setting something up while we're gone.  I don't think there's internet where we're going. Maybe I'll find a wifi spot somewhere and blog. Hmm.

Six long hours.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the situation

It's difficult to jump right in the middle of where I am now without some history... sometimes I wish I hadn't deleted my blog .... I'm a relationship failure to say the least. I'm not sure I'll ever get it! Anyway I'm in an almost 2 year it seems more like ten years.. and we live together. We have his kids every other week and I have one that lives here full time, although she's 18. (I have three other kids, two grown and one who was becoming quite the handful and unfortunately, I had to send him off to Dad's..)

It seems all the energy, drama and discord revolves around his kids and his situation.

His situation:  Was married 12 1/2 years to an evil witch who, through trickery, bore him two children. I say trickery because 3 months into the marriage he wanted out. He went to his parents and was talked into staying in the marriage by his Catholic mother.. He didn't want children with this woman, and he told her that. I think he wanted to figure a way out of the marriage that was acceptable to his parents but meanwhile, psycho decided to not take her birth control pills. Which she actually did twice, the second born after an affair that took place over a few months. Hers, not his. It was a horrible pregnancy, for HIM, because he wasn't sure if his baby was even his. I'm sure his daughter is his because certainly by now she would have told him JUST to keep him from her. They fight constantly and are now in court again suing each other over custody.

Their situation: 50/50 custody straight down the line in every aspect there could possibly be. Not one parent has more say over anything than the other (religion, school, extra curriculars, living arrangements). One week his house. One week her house. Strict drop off / pick up rules due to misbehavior on her part. Sunday 5pm to Sunday 5pm. They each get two visits during the other parent's week. Two 4 hour visits during the week between the hours of 4p-8p. Usually they e-mail each other with notification as to which two days they are requesting for their visitation.

His goal: To have a healthy "relationship" with the psycho for the best interest of the children. And that should be his goal, even if she does have snakes growing out of the top of her head. It should also be HER goal, but it's not.  Not even close.

What she does:  Takes advantage of every moment there is to manipulate, lie, trick, sneak, control and create chaos. She somehow believes she is the sole custodial parent even with a 13 page divorce decree, otherwise known as a Marital Settlement Agreement, in this state. The MSA spells out what they can and cannot do, however, psycho chooses to disobey this court ordered document on an almost daily basis.

Where they are now:  In court. Not actually today, but there always seems to be a hearing about to take place. There was a court ordered referee, but she didn't have a clue as to what she was supposed to be doing and eventually she stopped taking their calls altogether. They each had to pay her a deposit of $800 last year, and she probably did $50 worth of work. The whole thing was a joke! Her title is "parent coordinator" but she spent more time replying "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do in this situation" and ignored the rest of the e-mails / situations. (she's an attorney by the way).

Where am I? I don't know.. I feel like this 'situation' has pretty much dragged me down to a yucky place. I started off wanting to help him as I thought I should because we're in a relationship, but now that I look back, I probably shouldn't have gotten as involved.

This blog is something I need to do... kind of like a diary, it's my therapy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi from work..again


I just posted from my iTouch while at work
and right when I was about to reach behind myself and pat my back, the entire post disappeared .. mf... Well, here's another try.

*warning* I make a lot if typos on my iTouch thanks to auto were warned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm back

and this time for good... 

I was introduced to blogging five years ago from my dear from CT. I dove right in but somehow over the next couple of years it lost it's appeal. Well, that and the fact I found out my ex husband's new wife read it every single day (thanks to a tracker I had put on my blog) .. originally there to view 'hits' but it also gave stats as to where the person was reading from. When I noticed a familiar town (over and over) I began to wonder if my ex found my blog. But then it was being read from a hospital near that town almost every morning. Anyway it didn't take long to figure out. Oh, and an ex boyfriend found it...  I just didn't feel I could write freely with these lurkers.

Whatever. I'm over it. So now to start a new blog.

I really need the therapy!